Please Note: Section assigned will be sent via email upon confirmation.

* Reservation request forms are finalized and scheduled in coordination with management.

    *If you do not hear from us within 24 hours please Call 770-748-0072.  Your email may have not successfully reached us.

    *Reservations are not private.  There is a fee associated with completely private reservations and may vary on the date/day of the week the event is requested. Do not assume that reservations are finalized without emailed confirmation or without management approval.

    *Seating Capacity: Max capacity 65 people. Our private dining room is reserved by multiple groups/parties/events at same time frames.

    *No reservation is considered private without an associated fee. 

    *Shared Room with other events do not have a “private reservation fee”. 

    *Reservations must be accurate by +/-5 people.

    *Decorations for events: No decorations are allowed on walls and ceiling of Private dining room for perseverance and avoidance of damages to buildings infrastructure, decor, murals, paintings etc. Decorations are only allowed on tables such as removable table cloths or balloons or event banners.

    *Private Dining room and reservations are made for Patrons and customers who Dine-In with us.

    *No outside food or drinks are allowed.

    *Outside Birthday Cakes/ Wedding Cakes/ Anniversary cakes/ Baby Shower Cakes/ Company cakes are allowed.

    *If the room is fully booked we reserve the right to accommodate your booking/reservation in our front dining area. Bookings are made on a first come first serve basis and prioritized in such a manner. If the room is fully booked and with discussion and planning, you agree for us to accommodate you in our front dining area. If not, we can plan for a different date to plan for a better availability.

    *We kindly request large group reservations of 15 or more people to be made 2 week or more in advance. If you need a reservation in a shorter time frame it is better to call 770-748-0072 to instantly discuss availability for the requested date and if there is an availability for your event.

    *We want to be able to honor our patrons and beloved customers’ reservations professionally.